Event, Aug 29: Rights of the Incarcerated in South Asia

Sapan invites you for the fifth in a series of curated monthly events themed ‘Imagine! Neighbours in Peace’, a title borrowed from an unpublished volume by Chowk.com, 2005.

This month includes World Humanitarian Day – 19 August, International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances – 30 August, and International Day against Nuclear Tests – 29 August. August is also known as Black August in the US, started by prisoners in California.

Meanwhile, events unfolding in Afghanistan highlight the urgent need for solidarity with those calling for all parties involved to uphold principles of human rights.

We continue to stand together in solidarity for a more just and peaceful South Asia and a more just and peaceful world.

Rights of the Incarcerated in South Asia

WHEN: Sunday, 29 August – 7:30 pm PKT / 8:00 pm IST / 8:30 pm BST / 10.30 am EDT

HOW: Broadcast via Facebook Live at Sapan’s FB page. 

WHO: Legal experts and human rights activists from around the region, anchored by veteran journalist Bharat Bhushan, featuring Hina Jillani, Pakistan; Vrinda Grover, India; Mandira Sharma, Nepal; Ambika Satkunanathan, Sri Lanka; Sultana Kamal, Bangladesh. Other participants include eminent lawyers and activists who have been working on this issue.Prisoner testimonies: Shahidul Alam, Bangladesh, Hamid Ansari, India, and other former prisoners will be in conversation with journalist Zyma Islam.

With Dr Syeda Hameed, well-known activist and former member of Planning Commission India, and Kanak Mani Dixit in Kathmandu, founder editor of Himal Southasian.

Free and open to the public, broadcast on Facebook Live

Our July event featured eminent sportswomen across the South Asian region and diaspora, and was widely covered – details at the link: Women in Sport: Challenges and Wins. This was the fourth in a series of curated monthly events themed ‘Imagine! Neighbours in Peace’, a title borrowed from an unpublished volume by Chowk.com, 2005. 

More about Sapan: 

The South Asia Peace Action Network or Sapan was formed on 28 March 2021 after a brainstorming meeting. Sapan is a coalition of individuals and organisations across the region and diaspora joining hands to take forward the principles and ideals of peace, justice, democracy and human rights that mentors and leaders like I.A Rehman, Asma Jahangir, Dr Mubashir Hasan, Nikhil Chakravartty, Nirmala Deshpande, Kuldip Nayar, Rajni Kothari and others envisioned and worked for. 

Members of the Sapan coalition believe that the way forward lies in greater socio-economic cooperation, resource-sharing, and a visa-free South Asia or a confederation of nations with soft borders. Our founding charter, open for endorsements, reiterates our commitment to peace in South Asia, and underscores the need for regionalism and cooperation.

The pandemic-induced humanitarian crisis and unprecedented loss of lives and livelihoods underlines the need for collective action and regionalism, as our 30 May Resolution underlines (open for endorsements). Our grief is collective, and so is our struggle for justice and peace, through peaceful, collective, consistent action. 

You can find media coverage of Sapan here.

Follow Sapan on social media @southasiapeace on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.


Press Statement: Uphold the rights of the incarcerated in South Asia, 30 August 2021

The News, Pakistan‘South Asian jails, chambers of unending torment, not places of reform’
The Daily Star, DhakaRights activists call for reforming prisons in South Asia
Dhaka Tribune, Bangladesh‘Bangladeshi nationals highest in Indian jails’
Times of IndiaRecognise enforced disappearance as a distinct crime: activists, formerly incarcerated persons in South Asia at Sapan virtual session
The Daily StarCorrectional facilities turned into torture chambers
South Asia MonitorRights of the incarcerated: Plight of pre- and under-trial detainees overcrowding prisons in South Asian nations
South Asia Citizens WebResolution: Rights of the incarcerated in South Asia | SAPAN, Aug 29, 2021
TNARights Of The Incarcerated: Plight Of Pre-And Under-Trial Detainees Overcrowding Prisons In South Asia


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