Call for entries: Essays on the climate crisis in South Asia

South Asia Peace Action Network (Sapan) is inviting articles on various angles of the climate crisis in South Asia, pertaining to countries in the region – Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

Purpose: The top 10-15 articles will be collated and presented to decision-makers at the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow to be held from 31st October to 12th November, 2021. 

Suggested Topics

Individuals and organisations are free to choose their own topics related to climate change. Some suggested topics are:

1. Air pollution 

2. Displacement of indigenous communities and refugee crisis because of climate crisis

3. Threat of water wars because of shared rivers

4. Drought

5. Flooding of metropolises in South Asia

6. Diseases that are caused by the climate crisis and are more prevalent to South Asia 

7. Socio-cultural reasons for climate crisis in South Asia

8. Sociological impacts because of climate crisis, example “Water wives”

9. Arrests of environment champions 

10. Ecological movements that were successful

11. Plastic bag menace

Submission Guidelines

  • Length: Between 1000-2,500 words
  • Focus on solutions: Articles must present the specific issue, causes, solutions, and reasoning behind the solutions
  • Selected articles will be published under the name of the author or their organisation
  • Organisations may submit more than one article as long as they are by different individuals
  • Previously published articles may also be submitted as long as they are relevant, a reference of previous published history is provided, and they are updated with new information since publication
  • Please include a bio of the writer in 60 to 100 words
  • Language: English. We regret that we currently have limited capabilities for translation.
  • Format: Word file.

Deadline: Monday, October 25. 12:00 noon India Time

Email: Send the articles to 

For any other details, questions or clarification, please call or WhatsApp +91-9711770420 or email us at

ABOUT SAPAN: Initiated in March 2021, Sapan is a coalition of organizations and individuals advocating for peace, justice, democracy, and human rights in South Asia and diaspora, working towards a visa-free South Asia and greater regional cooperation.

Social media links @SouthAsiaPeace – Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn.

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