Event, Dec 26: Human Rights and Equality in South Asia – Growing Up, Growing Together

South Asia Peace Action Network, Sapan, invites you to a discussion meeting on human rights and equality in South Asia, and why we must ‘grow up’ to grow together.

At a time when majoritarian authoritarianism and discrimination on basis of religious and ethnic identities are rising across South Asia, the upcoming Sapan webinar seeks to question these tendencies while underscoring the need to sustain and promote responsible adult behaviour that accepts differences and celebrates diversity. The event will also delve into the clampdown on dissent and furtherance of anti-democratic principles and draconian laws across South Asian nations.

Pegged to International Human Rights Day observed annually 10 December to commemorate the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948, the session focuses on the South Asia perspective, particularly the aspirations of the youth. 

December also marks 50 years of Bangladesh’s independence, and 37 years of establishment of SAARC and adoption of the SAARC Charter in Dhaka.

The event aims to bring on board youth across South Asia, inviting them to share their aspirations and perspectives on South Asia, with a hope to find convergences and build solidarities. The discussions will be followed by music and poetry.

Sapan series: Imagine! Neighbours in Peace – IX

Event title: Human Rights and Equality in South Asia – Growing Up, Growing Together

Date: Sunday, December 26, 2021

Time: 10 am EST / 8 pm PKT / 8.30 pm IST / 8:45 pm NPT / 9 pm BST

The 90-minute event is free and open to the public. It will be broadcast via Facebook Live.

To attend the Zoom meeting and participate, register here.

20th December is also observed as International Human Solidarity Day.

With this event, we aim to invite youth (and of course all young at heart!) from across South Asia to share their aspirations and perspectives on South Asia, with a hope to find convergences and build solidarities. The event will feature a youth roundtable on aspirations with young speakers from across South Asian nations, followed by a Q&A by the audience.

Speakers already confirmed for the roundtable include historian and activist Ammar Ali Jan from Pakistan, lawyer and human rights activist Lara Jesani from India, activist Nirupama Ghimire from Nepal, feminist activist and researcher Subha Wijesiriwardena from Sri Lanka, and activist and journalist Sushmita Preetha from Bangladesh.

We are glad to be joined by Dhaka-based feminist and rights activist Khushi Kabir who will set the context and present the opening remarks for the youth roundtable. Acclaimed Lahore-based human-rights lawyer and activist Hina Jilani will present the closing remarks at the session. 

This promises to be an insightful session and a fun-filled evening (there will be music and poetry too!). Facilitators for the event include peace activists Priyanka Singh from Delhi and Dr Fauzia Deeba from New Jersey.

Besides invited speakers, those wishing to share their thoughts and/or volunteer at the event are invited to email southasiapeaceactionnetwork@gmail.com. Please share a brief introduction about yourself. If you’d like to add something to the discussion, please say what you would like to talk about, for not more than a minute.

ABOUT SAPAN: Initiated in March 2021, Sapan is a coalition of organizations and individuals advocating for peace, justice, democracy, and human rights in South Asia and diaspora, working towards a visa-free South Asia and greater regional cooperation.

Social media links @SouthAsiaPeace – Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn.

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