Sapan Logo competition: Submit your logos for a good cause and win a cash prize!

Deadline for submissions: March 25, 2022

Announcing a design contest to create a novel, catchy logo for Southasia Peace Action Network (Sapan).

The competition winner will receive a certificate and will be listed on Sapan’s website and social media platforms. There is also a nominal cash prize, amount to be disclosed later as pledges are coming in.

We will use the logo on our website, social media marketing, and other purposes. 

Designers are free to choose any fonts, color combinations, and symbol options. The logo must include a symbolic component that is recognizable without the name “Southasia Peace Action Network” next to it. 

Sapan vision: See Founding Charter

Contest timeline

  • March 9-25: Submit entries by email to
  • March 25: The logo is up on social media for voting 
  • Based on the points from the social media vote and jury, the final winner will be announced by March 31, marking one year of Sapan.

Technical Information:

  • You may enter a maximum of 4 designs.
  • The submitted design should be original and unique.
  • The logo must also be legible in all sizes, like when reduced in size, approximately 15mm in height and used for larger formats, such as posters, social media, TV, or website.
  • The logo will be open for voting on Facebook for the public and WhatsApp for Sapan’s members.
  • Facebook and Instagram: Votes only on the original posts will be counted.
  • All the designs will be shared to Sapan’s Facebook page and shared among Sapan’s members for voting. The voting carries 50 percent of the point.
  • A jury will be the final judge. The average vote from the jury will carry 50 percent of the total points.
  • The logo must include the words ‘Sapan’ (first letter capital) and ‘Southasia Peace Action Network’ (*Why ‘Southasia’ as one word)


We use ‘Southasia’ as one word to restore some of the historical unity of our common living space – without wishing any violence on the existing nation states. ‘Southasia’ injects a different sensibility to the aloof geographical term ‘South Asia’, albeit limited to English-language discourse. Outsiders may see our region as  ‘South Asia’ but ‘Southasia’ is how we need to see it – as a vast penumbra of intermingling cultures and identities. South Asia is the region of sharply defined borders and nation states. Southasia reflects more closely what we all are, beyond our certitudes as citizens of modern-day nation states. – Himal Southasian

Your submission should include the following information:

  • Full name
  • Address including city and country of residence, phone number, email.
  • Institution if applicable

Late entries will not be eligible for the cash prize, so be sure to get your submissions in by March 25!

For further inquiries, please email

March 10 updates:

1. Removed amount of cash prize $50 that one of our youth volunteers had pledged, as another volunteer has pledged $50. The total is now $100 but this might change by the time the competition ends. Thanks Sarita Bartaula and Fauzia Deeba for your generous contributions.

2. Clarified that the logo must include the word ‘Sapan’ with the first letter capital.

March 11 update: The prize money is now $150 thanks to another pledge, from Dr Amit Shah.


  1. Reblogged this on Journeys to democracy and commented:

    Hello designers out there – here’s a chance to contribute to a great cause AND win recognition plus prize money. As Sapan, the South Asia Peace Action Network turns one (yes, already!) we’re looking to re-vamp our logo. So we launched a logo competition. Deadline: 25 March 2022. See details in the shared post.

    We love the logo that a volunteer created on short notice – not a designer but a law student then. Note: This isn’t a commercial proposition but one of our youngest volunteers wanted to add a cash prize incentive and pledged a contribution. Others followed so we have a little money in our kitty for the winner. p.s. More contributions welcome.

    #logo #designers #competition


    1. Dear Sana, really sorry for the delay. We are waiting to hear from the jury. Have nudged them. Will update soon.
      Appreciate your patience.
      Thank you 🙏🏽

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