Event, May 29- Streets for life: Southasians for road safety

Ahead of the UN General Assembly meeting on Global Road Safety, 30 June – 1 July, and following UN Global Road Safety Week May 13-17, we invite you to join our ‘Streets for life: Southasians for road safety’ seminar, Sunday, 29 May 2022.

We are honoured that this event is being co-hosted by Muskaan: Foundation for Road Safety and People’s Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL), Rajasthan.

Around half million people across Southasia die in road crashes annually. The actual number of deaths is likely to be more than twice the reported numbers, estimates the World Health Organization in its Global Status Report on Road Safety.

The Streets for Life discussion will bring together activists and experts from across Southasia and the diaspora, to highlight common concerns and aspirations on this critical yet neglected issue.

Date: Sunday 29 May 2022

Time: 10:00 am ET / 7:00 pm PKT / 7:30 pm IST / 7:45 pm NPT / 8:00 pm BST 

The event will be broadcast live on Facebook. Grateful for any help spreading the wordjoin the Facebook event, share it to your pages and groups, and invite friends to join. 

Confirmed speakers include filmmaker Catherine Masud in Connecticut; Muskaan NGO co-founder Mridul Bhasin, Jaipur; lawyer Taqbir Huda in Dhaka; women’s rights activist Maliha Husain in Islamabad; orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Ashok Banskota in Kathmandu and others.

Prominent Southasian intellectuals and thinkers joining the event include several Sapan founder members, like journalists Nalaka Gunawardene in Colombo and Kanak Mani Dixit in Kathmandu, educationist Dr. Syeda Hameed in Delhi. Activists Khushi Kabir in Dhaka, Khawar Mumtaz in Lahore, Kavita Srivastava in Jaipur and Lalita Ramdas and Admiral Ramdas in Alibag.

Journalist and Sapan founder-curator  Beena Sarwar will moderate the discussion, hosted by Delhi-based techpreneur Samir Gupta

Pre-event campaign for road safety: Invitation to participate

We invite you to participate in our campaign in the run-up to the event on 29 May.

1. Get someone to take a photo of you holding a placard on which you have written #‘Streets4life #Southasians4roadsafety

2. Add your name and city

3. Post it to social media with hashtags #Streets4life #Southasians4roadsafety #GlobalRoadSafety and tag @southasiapeace (Twitter, Instagram, FB, Linkedin)

About Sapan

Southasia Peace Action Network, or Sapan, is a coalition of individuals and organisations across the region and diaspora joining hands to take forward the principles of peace, justice, democracy and human rights in Southasia, and working towards a visa-free Southasia. 

The Sapan Founding Charter – translated in various Southasian languages – affirms a commitment to peace and justice in the region and calls for a visa-free Southasia. 

This is Sapan’s thirteenth monthly webinar — part of our series ‘Imagine! Neighbours in Peace’, a title borrowed from an unpublished volume by Chowk.com. 

Past discussions have focused on issues ranging from the climate crisis and rights of the incarcerated, to gender-based violence, public health, resistance culture, and human rights and labour rights in Southasia. 

Please email us if you’d like to volunteer for this event and/or get more actively involved with Sapan going forward: southasiapeaceactionnetwork@gmail.com

Follow Sapan on social media: @southasiapeace on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and Youtube


  1. I appreciate and encourage the organizers of SAPAN for conducting a seminar on road safety on 29th May. It will certainly be helpful in inculcating road sense in drivers and those agencies who manage/control roads and highways etc. Reckless driving kills countless people in South Asia every year. I think speakers will highlight the
    measures taken by European union US and Japan for reducing accidents on roads. As Beena Sarver is the moderator of it so we expect to see her wonderful style of moderation with her inherent capabilities to make
    every program a success! KUDOS AND SHABBASH!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Since joining SAPAN I am really impressed the way Beena Sarver is rendering meritorious services for the better
    of this peace forum through her organizational and writing skills with so much enthusiasm dedication and concentration so on behalf of countless readers I give her the best worker title in this forum. No doubt it is
    a supreme sacrifice to devote your life for others and it is the true spirit of our existence.

    Liked by 1 person

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