Call For Music Composers: Seeking entries for Sapan, the Southasia Peace Action Network  

Dec. 15, 2022: The Southasia Peace Action Network and the Sapan News Network syndicated features service are looking for a signature music piece to use in our media and communication. This includes podcasts, interviews, slideshow videos, event openings, etc. 

This is a call for musicians in Southasia who believe in using music as a tool for peacemaking, to come forward and share their imagination for our signature music piece. A jury of eminent music connoisseurs/ activists will judge the entries “blind”.

The top five entries will get a cash prize each and the winning entry will receive a further honorarium to produce the final composition.


  1. Compositions must be original. Each piece should be up to 3 minutes long, designed in a way that smaller cuts sound complete in themselves, so it can fulfill multiple use cases. 
  2. The cut should include a version as small as 6 seconds to use with the brand logo
  3. The piece should have a Southasian soundscape. We encourage the use of traditional instruments like Bass Flute, Sitar, Sarangi, Rubab etc. While we prefer original sound, digital / synthesised sounds are also acceptable.
  4. Upload your music piece online – at YouTube or your preferred platform as a private link with your concept in the description.
  5. Share the link to the piece with us via email to:, Email subject line: Music composition.
  6. The winning music piece will be exclusively used for Sapan and the composer may not use it further for other projects, in part or whole. 
  7. The winning composer will receive due credit for the music in all our communication.
  8. The composer will be required to submit a full mixed and mastered in .wav format, along with all individual stems used in the music piece.
  9. The winner will be required to sign a statement attesting that the music piece is fully original and that no part is plagiarised from any existing source.  
NOTE: Each composer may submit up to three entries.


This is to confirm that I, (full name) ____________________, have composed the music piece sent with this email. I attest that no part of the music score is plagiarised from any existing source.  

Signed: __________________
Name: ____________________
Address/contact details:
Line 1_____________________________
Line 2 (0ptional) ____________________
Phone number with country code: ___________________

Please send entries along with the above attestation to by midnight India time, 31 January 2023 (extended from original)

Subject line: Music composition 


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